Monday, April 28, 2014

A Remberance Collection

Not too much going on around here. 

Knitting Nancy - finally remembering how to work it
Anzac Biscuits - remembering great sacrifices made
Soup and bread - remembering how much I love Autumn
A new project on the hook - remembering that like all ripple blankets, the first row has to be unpulled
Another learner - here we go again!

The Beetle Shack - home of stills collections


  1. love it! I still have my original knitting nancy too - just like yours. It was a Sears brand - can the ballerina REALLY have her L's? Noooo! Time is going too fast!

  2. these are lovely, soup and bread is my favourite. I still have my knitting nancy too, I can't wait to show olive how to use it one day x

  3. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the knitting nancy is by J W Spear NOT Sear. They started making them in the 1920's. This particular model was around for about 20 years before Spear was taken over by Mattel in 1994. Mattel did not continue with the knitting nancy but an English company called Rocket Toys did.
    I am a fellow Aussie, have a blog - - and I currently head the Yahoo Spool Knitter group. There are lots of links and ideas and patterns there that you might enjoy. Maybe I will see you there, cheers, Marian/Maz


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