Monday, January 13, 2014

The Out and About Colletion

Trying to take a photo of a finished project
Taking our  friend Nori, visiting from Japan out to lunch @  The Fairfield Park Boathouse & TeaRooms
 New runners and no excuses
 A beautiful day for a picnic on the beach with the Ballerina, my super dooper new Tiffin Tin and refreshing T2 chilled strawberries and cream tea to drink.
 The first beach we went to was too deserted for her liking, and we were none too keen on the rocks either (or the mangroves in the distance for that matter) 
This one was better, but a looooong walk to reach the actual water, which was very pleasant I might add. And there was hardly any seaweed which is a huge plus in my book!

Loving the fact that I now live less than 30 minutes from a beach. Must come back with the runners....

Weekly Stills @ The Beetle Shack with the ever-lovely Em.


  1. yay love the runners! go girl xxx

  2. Wow … love the architecture on that tearoom … it's beautiful.
    That really is a loooong walk to the water … on the upside you will really need a cooling swim by the time you get there ;0)


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