Monday, January 27, 2014

A Getting Close To Nature Collection

Exciting new green bits on my ficus bonsai- I thought I had killed it and stashed it in the laundry. Imagine my delight when I saw all that new growth. Imagine my lack of delight when I spied the basket full of dirty washing.
Driftwood collected on a recent beach walk. I managed to find a beach even closer to home which is very exciting. It is also only 5 minutes from my work, so I may be able to plan some regular walks.

I am planning to make  some sort of woven wall hanging with the driftwood. It is all over blog-land, Etsy and Pinterest at the moment so it must be on trend. I did actually enjoy weaving in my younger days, so I am excited to have a go at it again. There is a great little tutorial on the Etsy blog to get you started, and a project in issue 35 of Mollie Makes magazine too.

I have a growing love of indoor plants and I could not resist this specimen at the supermarket late last night. If you were wondering why I was shopping so late, I had a 9.40 pm Dr's appointment, and was planning to make best use of my time and travels. On arriving at the doctors I discovered that my appointment had actually been booked for 9.40 am. Oh well, wonder no more.

A gifted glass bowl(thanks Mum and Dad) that I am very excited about making into a terrarium. I have been researching and pinning and can hardly wait to get started. 

A beautiful part of the Country to spend a delightful afternoon.

Collections of stills @ The Beetle Shack

Perhaps I should have titled this an Excited Collection, as I did use that word rather frequently in this post!


  1. I'd be excited too with all those delightful snippets from your week.
    Terrariums have always fascinated me. You must share how you put it together.

  2. I have been thinking of dusting of the old macrame skills I learnt at school, used to love weaving - not sure if i will make a wall hanging - but YES to the terrarium!

  3. i have a real fondness for driftwood. my collection is massive. sweet idea of the terrarium. was thinking of the same with a few old jam jars! x

  4. Great collection.....on no about the doctors...the plant is a lovely pay off for the blip. xxxx


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