Thursday, January 2, 2014

13 Things in 2013 ( A Yearly Reflection)

There has been lots said all about the place, about saying farewell to the old year, and letting go of a less than wonderful 2013. I have mixed feelings. The year on a personal level was pretty great. I moved house, I simplified my life, and I felt an overwhelming sense of 'rightness' about my life. As far as work goes, it was probably my most challenging one, ever. There were changes in my team, a co-worker going through a personal crisis and needing lots of support and a group of rather opinionated and busy children, some with  very high needs. 

So I have decided to list 13 things from the year 2103, in no particular order as a summary of a year lived.

1. Celebrating 20 years of marriage. He his still my best friend, my logical thinker, my surprise-giver and the source of my occasional fury. You would think I would have learned by now not to interrupt the story to avoid it having to be told again from the very beginning! Clearly I have not!
2. Selling the big house, and finally moving into the small one. Feeling a sense of peace, as life becomes more simple, and far easier to clean! Letting go of things we don't need, and buying some new things. (STILL waiting for those stools....)

3. Re modelling my kitchen, working with what we have, but making it fresher, and lighter and more pleasant to be in. Oh and the floors - still in love with those! 
4. Down sizing and de-cluttering and refocusing my crafty ideas and  plans (including getting rid of all those projects I knew I would NEVER finish) LOVING my new sewing nook. 

5. Breaking my toe, needing a cast and missing 5 weeks of work. This probably set the tone for my year.  My co-worker (in an on-going sagahad her ankle fused this year, so clearly not a good one for feet!

6. A beautiful Wedding celebration for my gorgeous niece Carli to her partner Matt. They had married in Gibraltar a few weeks earlier, and planned a great party with their friends and family. I also got to catch up with my parents who happen to live in the same country town, as Carli's parents!
7. A car for my newly licensed daughter (my car breathes an audible sigh of relief!) and the freedom that goes with it. Not always a good thing for the heart of a mother, however.

8. Raising chickens and ducklings and falling in love with them. Loving getting to know their quirky little personalities.

9.  Mr M's 50th Birthday and plans made to travel to Brazil next year with his very best mate. So glad that his plans and dreams are actually happening, especially now knowing that his much-hoped for redundancy has eventuated, and he can move forward in his studies and new career.

10. Watching my Ballerina dance at competitions and her concert, and especially delighting at watching her with her little class of baby ballerinas.

11. Loving my new garden. It was quite a task to rescue and restore, but a very rewarding process. I keep discovering new surprises and delights, including a diverse range of wildlife.

 12. Little getaways, just the two of us. Seems indicative of the state of things these days. Good thing we still like each other! (Launceston and Bendigo this year)

 13. Making things makes me happy. Plain and simple.


 So there you go. Thanks for coming along for the ride. lets see what 2014 has in store for us all xx


  1. Sounds like a great year all in all :)

  2. I am loving that I have another year to look forward with dear dear bloggy friends who are generous with sharing their moments and support such as you xx

  3. What a fabulous year you have had! So many special things to remember and so much to reflect on. I hope 2014 is a magical year for you and your family. Happy New Year. Melinda x

  4. Thanks so much to my loyal blogging friends for your comments and for visiting. I often think about stopping my blog, but your virtual support keeps me going. Thank you xox


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