Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Spirit

Some things that have been filling me with the spirit of Christmas over the last few days.
Angels, for charity, or simply made  by hand from  wooden beads and paper.

Pom poms on trees and on gifts 
What's not to love about a neon pink pom pom? 
I love how therapeutic they are to make, (except when they fall apart) and that I could teach someone else how to make one.
Gifts were for my workmates. This year, I instigated an 'op-shop challenge', in which gifts were to be second-hand, pre-loved or purchased from local opportunity shops. We went to the bakery for breakfast before the last session with the children, and the dags even wore their pom poms as necklaces all day.
 I volunteered for a few hours for a local charity that provides  Christmas food hampers and toys for  local residents in need. I found this to be a very emotional and rewarding experience, feeling both blessed and humbled as I handed out food and a little Christmas cheer to so, so many people. 

Simple pleasures to be found in The Marvelous City of Melbourne.
Loving  that the Ballerina at 15 still wants to do things with her parents, (for now) even if she declined being in a photo!

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