Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Natural Collection

1. "Nobody Puts Bun In The Corner" My Uni art work finally framed sitting atop the glory box made by my Grandpa
2. We have played spot the moth all week, until I was finally able to release him
3.Salvador sports a fancy new hairstyle (as do I)
He's on special too!
4. Another paddle to add to my collection. It's a Jamie Oliver one, and came with some lovely jubbly olive oil, from Target
5. Saved from the lawnmower
6. My roses continue to bloom and delight
7. Hmmmm! A present from my mum and dad. (could this be payback for the "doodle" shaped candies I gave my mum?)
Collections of stills @ The Beetle Shack - the home of the most awesome give-away.


  1. Is that an emperor gum moth? I remember raising them from caterpillar to moth and releasing as a kid and it was so special! I love the little rescued toad!

  2. I love your patchwork coaster.
    Have a great week.


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