Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Spring Collection


  1. Blackbird's joyful song outside my window
  2. Saved from the bin
  3. My growing collection of paddle boards (a $10 bargain from Kmart at the front)
  4. Fresh Beef and sesame Soba noodles
  5. Late afternoon light
  6. At last a  new crochet project is allowed to begin (see below)
  7. The Blanket rescue is done and dusted...yee hah
  8. Restful blue
  9. September = Outward bound = inevitable alterations for the Ballerina (first time firing up the sewing machine for 2013 - wow)
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  1. look at all that lovely crochet! x

  2. You are amazing and I am loving that grey and almost neon green crochet. Have a gorgeous week. xx

  3. Oh loving your crochet goodness! Especially the touch of neon.
    Sophie x

  4. Oh my, grey and neon green crochet chevrons L.O.V.E.
    I love your trick photography up there :)
    Have a beautiful week. xx

  5. loving the neon oh my socks!!! I wish l knew how to do that you are very talented. just beautiful crochet and I just have to ask where do you get neon from? I didn't even know you could. x mandi


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