Friday, May 3, 2013

Feels Like Home

I spent most of my day at the small house today.
I was busy cleaning, helping to put furniture together and watching the beautiful new floor being installed. 
But mostly I was  imagining living in our new town. We sat in the garage having some lunch watching the quiet street from down the long driveway. We had a few visitors pop in, keen for a sticky-beak, keen to share in our new adventure.
The ballerina caught her new  bus 'home' today, with a lovely bestest friend that lives around the corner from our new house. As the pair came skipping up the driveway laughing  and smiling, the lovely friend handed me some leaves saying  "Welcome to the Neighbourhood" Suddenly it feels like home.


  1. the floor looks amazing and it sounds like the transition is going to be smooth for the ballerina!

  2. how lovely! And that floor looks amazing! No wonder you never tire of looking at it!


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