Sunday, April 7, 2013

A School Holiday Collection

 This collection is all about the old and the new, making plans and getting ready to move. One week of the holidays are over, and the next week is going to fly, and there is a lot to be done. Hello  -  floating floors and appliance stores.
And of course there could be no collection without any crochet. I would surely go mad otherwise.
  1. Football on Easter Monday
  2. Dinner in Chapel St
  3. Hooray it's all official - we are actually moving
  4. Spending time at The small house to make decisions about what we want to do before we move in in under 5 weeks ( those tiles are going)
  5. Making BIG decisions about the kitchen (it does actually look better in the pictures than in real life)Thinking about new appliances, bench tops and handles??? and tiles I hope
  6. All tuckered out and with no where to sit(that carpet is definitely going!)Hasn't been too much of a holiday for her.
  7. Our formal lounge is gone. There is to be no 'good room' at the small house (not as sad as I thought I would be)
  8. Revisiting an unfinished cushion cover, and falling in love with it again
  9. Making serious progress on the colourful baby blanket. Hadn't planned a ruffley edge however.
Thankyou Emily @ The Beetleshack for the opportunity to share

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  1. ooooooh how exciting !!!!! I can't wait to see how things move along!!!


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