Sunday, March 3, 2013

Not Too Grown-up for a Party!


She did draw the line at lolly bags though!
So glad that she finally had the chance to celebrate '15' with some special friends.
The opportunities to plan theme based parties are becoming less and less these days.
Should I take down the balloons and bunting for our 'Open For Inspection'?


  1. Gorgeous, everything looks so pretty. I bet they all enjoyed sitting down to all those sweet treats too..x

  2. Looks just wonderful Laurel, and she looks likes she having a ball.
    I vote no for taking down the decorations, because there can never be enough balloons or bunting ( and how welcoming it would be, if I walked into a house open inspection with them both I would want to buy it! ) xo

  3. Oh Lord, she is SOOOOO grown up - i can't believe my eyes! What a pretty party! I would love that party! But I WOULD have the lolly bags!

  4. Nah leave them up they add to the festive feel ; ) Gosh I am glad our Open, house on the market days are past now. The party looks lovely!

  5. Oh look at that, blowing out the candles on her own cake (which looks yum by the way). Oh goodness, a fake cake at your workplace. Isn't that the strangest thing. What will our children tell their children of their fake cakes? Terrible.


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