Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Since the incident, I have been somewhat limited in my movements. I am missing the simple things, like driving The Ballerina to the bus or collecting the mail, as well as:

1 Coffee with friends - so the cake (and the lovely friend) came to me 
2 & 3 Grocery Shopping (I am making lists in a discarded 2012 diary, too pretty to throw away) and allocating the task to the Mr and the girls.
4 Going out to just grab something- in this case to buy the neon pink yarn I am craving! (And to liberate my Mollie Makes from the newsagent's special cupboard)
5 & 6 Popping outside, the crutches are too much trouble (and hurt my armpits), and I don't fancy dirty bandages too much. I miss going out to hang out some washing or water the garden.
I probably should add work to the list, shouldn't I?

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