Sunday, February 24, 2013

Making me Smile :)



  1. A finished project - a ballet shoe bag 
  2. Shiny new Pointe shoes for the ballerina (not similing too much about the  sewing of  ribbons and elastics)
  3. A surprise gift from Mr M. Trying to decide whether to use them now or keep them for the small house
  4. Cute little necklace
  5. Refreshing Margarita flavoured Slurpee
  6. Lolly bag and beautiful friends at a  girly, pink themed 40th Party
  7. News that my foot is finally on the mend
What has made you smile this week?

Playing along with Beetle Shack


  1. lovely to find you via the stills link up, loving that necklace and glad the foot is on the mend x

  2. That shoe bag is SO lovely, well done!

    thanks so much for linking up, it;s lovely to have you

    xo em


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