Monday, January 14, 2013

A little word for 2013

I have seen lots of New Year posts on  blogs, many focused on selecting a word for 2013. At first I dismissed the idea as pointless, and not for me. Then I began wondering how on Earth can you think of only one word to sum up the sort of year that you want to have, let alone settle on a solitary word with power? A word that guides and promises hope and clarity. A word that provokes thought and discovery.
I have been thinking much lately about my blog and my blog purpose. Miss Prudence has also been contemplating this, as I am sure many others have been. It is new year, clean slate sort of thinking. We all do it, in one way or another. 
I came across a post about Blogging Good Enough  which poses the question about what makes a blog successful? Following a link then led me to the original post, one that has inspired so much discussion about blog purpose.
I wondered can a blog that is just about a life be meaningful and interesting? Who cares anyway  about my life, or my craft or my struggles or joys? Insert self talk about blogging for self and creating a pictorial story of my journey, blah, blah. To be perfectly honest, I do it for those reasons (and I love it) but I do love the thrill of a new follower,  some comments about what I have said or a re-pin.
 But then, unexpectedly a word came to me. A word that I thought may just be a word worth thinking about. A word that may indeed drive this blog and connect it to what I value and hold as important.
Sharing is why I started my blog. To share the blogging experience with others, to share pictures of what I had made, to share snippets from my life. I believe in the community of blogging, the sharing of average and beautiful and extraordinary with others, the sharing of the idea that you are not alone.
 I intend to share  good words from across blogland, to use my small space to link to others, to invite further reading and discussion and thinking. I plan to share tutorials and swaps and link-ups that I enjoy. I will share stories from my life, that may allow personal refelection and connection with others.  I will share the things that I create, and I am going to meet up with Miss Prudence for real, and share our interests in person.
I have shared the image above of my completed make for Pin The Make, Now Make The Make. I like it. It makes me happy. There is a purpose for my time spent. I have used my tape that may have been relegated to mere gift wrapping and upcycled a jar that once contained pasta sauce. I have filled that jar with roses from my own garden and placed an op-shopped treasure alongside to be admired and enjoyed.
Tomorrow I shall share the story of tonight's dinner, and a a copycat attempt at magazine inspired styling.
And if no one cares, that's OK, because I do!
Here some words about the place that I found interesting:
and a collection of words all in one handy place.


  1. I think that's just about the perfect word! It's the reason I blog too.

  2. Share is such a lovely word to focus a year on. It sums up the kind of blogging I like perfectly and it's the perfect reason to blog. Where would we be without each other?



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