Thursday, January 17, 2013

20 Years

20 years ago I was a young bride. I married my handsome "older man" and we made plans for a future together.

Now 20 years later, we have two daughters, aged 18 and nearly 15. We have survived the years of babies and toddlers and small children, and are right in the middle of the teenage years. We draw strength from each other as we take on the task of raising young women.
We have lived in 4 homes, and we are planning this year to finally move to our  "new" small home, and embark on a simpler lifestyle.
And after 20 years we still kiss each good night every night, and look forward to spending time together.
Our song back then was: Happy To Be Stuck With You, by Huey Lewis and The News, and today it still is!
Some other things that happened in 1993 (that you may or may not remember)
The Piano won 3 Oscars and received a further 5 nominations. AFI winner for Best Film
A Country Practice was axed after 1,058 episodes by the Seven Network.
Petrol cost 63 cents per litre
Beanie babies were first released
Brandon Lee died accidentally on the set of The Crow, and River Phoenix died outside of the Viper Room in Los Angeles
I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston was on the radio
Bill Clinton was the President of the United States and our Prime Minister was Paul Keating 
The tennis player Monica Seles is stabbed by a spectator during a quarter final tennis match in Hamburg by Günter Parche, an obsessed fan of Steffi Graf
Federal Agents raid religious cult Waco, Texas
11-year-olds Robert Thompson and Jon Venables are convicted of the child murder of 2-year-old James Bulger

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  1. omg so cute! congratulations to you both, 20 years is awesome!! we have another 18 to go ; ) thanks for the trip down memory lane too... i cant believe the piano was 20 years ago, seems like yesterday (like most things on the list) sheesh im showing my age.


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