Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Show and Tell

My Dad brought his amazing Quilt in progress to show me. WOW. I think he is amazing!

I am joining in with this swap, and was wondering if you want to as well. The more the merrier! The details are over here

One lonely jam drop ....

and one lovely granny biscuit, made by my Mum.

Also, don't forget my little Give-away. At the moment the odds of winning are pretty good!!


  1. Your Dad is amazing! He made that? wow!
    I want to join that swap but wasn't sure how i signed up through flicker??? Can you advise?

    Hey laurel, I have been making fabric brooches and carding them up like your s too! Snap!

  2. Hi,
    I think your Dad's quilt is stunning and I hope you'll show another pic when it's finished.
    Also love your little crochet flowers, so pretty on their colourful backgrounds :)

  3. Love the craftiness of your folks - quilting and crochet brilliance. Thanks for the link to the granny biscuits - I thought for a minute your Mum had a brilliant biscuit mould!!

  4. Awesome, I am in that swap as well, cant wait to find out my partner and have some swapping fun. Your Dad is amazing that quilt is gorgeous, WOW!

  5. Your father is making that? Amazing. He is a talent.... so that is where you get your good creative genes from.


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