Saturday, May 12, 2012

Life and other Distractions

Time is flying by and in my busyness, my blog has been neglected. There have been a multitude of distractions, a few of which I have photographic evidence!
 Spending a weekend at the beach with a group of lovely ladies with lots of crafting, eating  and relaxing
 Finishing the scarf started the weekend  before as a gift for one of those ladies, which took up a lot of secret time!
Attending a workshop on Engaging boys by these amazing bloggers

 Watching the progression of extension at my kindergarten, coping with the coming and going of builders and mess and developing my vision for decorating the space!

Celebrating mother's day  at kinder, by decorating bowls as gifts (this is obviously mine!) and implementing an afternoon tea that was loud and crazy. Having a group of all boys (16)and only one girl certainly challenges the way that you do things!!!!!


  1. sounds like you have been busy! I love love love that scarf - it looks amazing.The dangle-ie bits on the end (a technical term, I know) really make it! what fun!

  2. Wow. What a crazy gender mix for you kinder class. I wonder what was in the water that year???
    Loving that white crochet scarf... especially how the baublely tassels are varied length. Ace.


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