Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The one in which Laurel does a big walk and breaks another friend!

Last Sunday I participated in the Run for the Kids. I didn't do too much running, but I did walk the 5.2 km course through the city.

My wonderful friend Sharon came along to share in the experience.
The start of the race for us was seriously delayed by a 35 minute wait to use the MEN's toilet, but then we were off.....and racing walking! I wasn't fussed about how long it took, or where I finished, I was just happy to be involved as part of my Work Team, and to support the Children's Hospital. It was all good.
 But, then on our way to the village after the race to meet with the rest of the team, my friend Sharon slipped on some gravel and fell to the ground."Oh no" I thought "Here we go again" It was a nasty fall, fortunately no breaks, but she did hurt her wrist, tear open her knee and graze her chin. Hmmm, best stay away from me, just in case!

When you are child, you fall over. When you are an adult, you have a fall. Len Davis

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