Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Anzac Day

Sewing ribbons and elastics on new Pointe shoes

(a task I do not relish)

 Thinking about baking  Anzac bikkies, but not feeling like actually doing it 

(these are some from a few weeks back - white choc and pistachio - very delicious)

Tissues for my sniffle issues and hot green tea for my sore throat.

Mr M and a couple of his mates went into the city for the Dawn service, braving the cold and wet conditions. I stayed home and read about some servicemen and women in my local community newsletter that had come from surrounding districts. And I thought about the brave soldiers that serve or have served our Wonderful Country and have given us the rights and freedom that I strive not to take for granted. I watched the tail end of an exciting footy match and pasted water colour masterpieces into children's portfolios.
A restful, reflective day was very much in order. I have been trying to blog for days on end about the challenges I have been facing but my computer has had other ideas. I'm not sure if it is worth blogging retrospectively - I will have a think on it. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

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