Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lucky Find

Today I had  to supervise a student on placement at an out of the way place, and on the way home I chanced upon a little  op-shop full of the most delightful treasures.

I just had to buy this pair of dolls for my kinder. Their cheery dresses and smiling faces made them impossible to resist. And can you spot the secret that is making these mamas look so happy?

 This little vintage ballerina print was perfect for my very own Ballerina, and a steal at 99cents

And I just loved this set (7) of little cake plates.
There were plenty of other goodies that caught my eye too, but I tried to be really good.

I am secretly hoping that I may need to visit this student again in the near future!


  1. yes those are totally treasure finds!

  2. Always fun finding a new op shop and even better when you find a few the dolls.


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