Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Something, Something

I have been doing some stuff, getting myself out of my lack of routine rut at last. I have been doing things like clearing out and preparing for a garage sale on the weekend. I now have 60 million piles of magazines (slight exaggeration) on the floor (predominantly crafty) that I have parted with. I discovered that I had ahem magazines from the 80's and 90's... I will admit that a precious few I had to keep and I cut out out a few favourite pages from others. My book shelves are dusted and sorted and no longer groaning under the weight of all those magazines! It felt good to let go.

I have kept my wardrobe clean and organised now for at least two whole weeks. I think that's ace! (for me)

I have been exercising every single day (well, except for 2) and have even dropped one of my high blood pressure medications! Woohoo! The doc says I am healthier than I was 2 years ago. That's makes me happy.

I made a little gift for a friend's Birthday, who is crazy about books and birds, only using  things I found when clearing out. It was fun and rewarding to create something without having to buy anything. It seems that I have a pretty big supply of stuff...though hopefully not for too much longer! (You can come to my garage sale if you want!)


  1. Well done! Especially the wardrobe thing - i just can't keep that under control either...well done on good health

  2. You must be feeling great after your big clean up hope the garage sale goes well. After Xmas its a little harder to get your mojo back, super effort with the exercising.......

  3. Good for you Laurel! I've been trying to exercise every day too... but this week has been a shocker. Hard to exercise in the middle of a heat wave... will get back to it after this public holiday :)


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