Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Snippets, Good and bad!

sweet little Gordon happily spent the day playing in the garden  jungle

You can win you very own Gordon over at TeddyBearsWednesday, coz lovely Jess is giving one away! And you can't have mine!
 A bunch of beautiful roses

A  gift for a very special friend's 40th Birthday. Unluckily Lark had sold out, so I had to source one elsewhere. (I had it in my cart for weeks too!!!)

An unfortunate accident, that I am feeling very sad about.



  1. Oh no. It is awful when things welove break.

    ...and isn't that Gordon something very wonderful.

  2. Oh you poor thing.
    I once broke my favourite leaf necklace and havent gotten over it still..
    Its not too late to change your mind if you want the green. I have one last bit left. Was it a size 16? Sorry for not remembering, im suffering from too many orders syndrome this week!


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