Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rat-a-tat-tat. Who Is That?

Some Spooky fun was had at my house last night.

The trick or teaters came a-knocking. They may have received a chocolate, a lolly or a cup-a-soup sachet. Such is the chance one takes!  

 I  had my eye on this candle for a few weeks, and was thrilled to get it for half price at the last minute!

Treat boxes (via here) which we sadly forgot to distribute to all of our guests

 A delicious meal of "Bloody eyeballs with cockroach and heart salad" (half eaten, sorry!)

Followed by "Spooky Graveyard Pudding", which is always requested

Even a special dairy free version was on offer 

 Mr. Boo presided over the festivities

Witches Fingers were creepy, but delicious with coffee, or chai or peppermint tea (depending on your preference)

 Blood shot eyes went down well

And here is the evidence of why we should not play with our food!

 It was a fun evening indeed!


  1. What a hilarious night - you must have people begging to come over each year!!
    Hasn't halloween taken off - i must admit i am feeling less and less ambivalent about it these days

  2. looks like you had a wonderful evening!
    those witches fingers are great!


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