Monday, November 7, 2011

My favourite Piece Of Clothing

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I rarely wear black, I am more a neutral/colour girl, but at the moment I am loving this LBD. It was, believe it or not, from the supermarket. It is from Mix, Coles new clothing brand. It goes like this, you buy your food and then you pop a dress in your trolley. Well it worked for me anyway, because I love it. I have worn it with jeans, I have worn it with leggings (no bare legs for me!) and I love it with my green semi-precious stone pendant (From Sussan) It is great for work, and it even has pockets. I love pockets!
I love it until the next new thing comes along, which then becomes my  favourite, wear it all the time piece. You know, how that goes, right? Hmm, I wonder if its time to go grocery shopping again!

Check out the faves of others over here at Punky & Me. I have seen slippers. I have seen track pants. I have seen PJs and a gorgeous colouful dress or two.


  1. Great outfit.And I love pockets in a dress too.

  2. From a supermarket?! wow! cant beat a LBD, and I agree pockets are essential x
    ps come on, get those pins out in the sun!

  3. Perfect dress up or dress down dress. Is it really from the Supermarket????

  4. They have some lovely things there don't they. I'm just wondering about the staying power of their knit fabrics but might end up giving it a go soon too only I generally shop at Aldi so don't get a trolley in at Coles that often. Cherrie

  5. COLES?!

    Not my bloody Coles (it's tiny)! Oh, I need to go somewhere bigger to visit THEIR Coles... I am in shock! It's lovely!

    Thanks for playing - and opening my eyes to supermarket dresses!!

  6. I had no idea Coles sold clothes and what a great buy that LBD is.


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