Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today's Funny Story

1 hour says Mr Simplicity! That's funny, it took me hours!

Well I suppose it would not have taken the best part of the day if I had read the pattern properly and did not have to unpick the pockets and then the side seams. Not to mention, realising that I can not insert the tape to rouche the leg as in View C because I did not follow the instructions correctly, and had not taken a wide enough seam allowance.
A funny choice of  bold linen blend fabric,  made to the wrong length for me, (only to be discovered of course when I tried them on) and a compromise with elastic in the hems instead of the tape (of which I had bought 4 metres of,  just to be on the safe side)
Funny, they look heaps better on the hanger.....which is probably where they shall remain. A bit sad really, as they are actually the perfect fit, if not the right length. The fabric choice was always going to be ambitious. Then again they do make pretty comfy Pyjama pants............ or clown pants!

Edit: Not so funny, the pattern only cost me 20 cents at the op-shop


  1. ooops - at least you are kind of laughing about it!! you can be assured that we all do it at some stage.

  2. Oh no! But yes... quite funny.

    Very frustrating for you too... but hey - we've all been there in our sewing endeavours. At least you know what not to do next time!

  3. Oh I am chuckling- when bargains go wrong huh! They look really good though - i hour patterns are a bit like "one size fits all" brought to you by bastards incorporated! sorry about the language!

  4. The bit they leave off after the 1 hour is...if you wrote this pattern and have already made up 10 samples!!!


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