Saturday, August 13, 2011


The Ballerina received the results of her Grade 4 Cecchetti Exam this week.  A score of 88.5% exceeded her expectations. The written comments show so much progress over the years, as she has grown in confidence and skill. She has come a long way from the shy little dancer that froze in her first performance to the ballerina now dancing on pointe. So proud and honoured to share in her achievements.

  • Grade 1:  Nice feet and legs. Try to lift your head and make your exercises look bright and happy 65.5%
  • Grade 2:  All aspects of the syllabus well prepared, but try to be a little more confident 70%
  • Grade 3: Neat technical skills, a pleasing presentation 72%
  • Grade 4: Presented your syllabus with pleasing bright expression. A good technique is developing with nice extended feet and legs. 88.5%
* Her teacher once reported that it is unusual to go up in marks, as dancers usually remain constant, or go down as the syllabus becomes more difficult


  1. well done Miss Ballerina!
    (I know just how hard you have to work to do justice to this form of dance)

  2. Well done ballerina!
    Go Miss Muggins! One deb ball down and a budding pavlova on the up! Impressive!

  3. That is such amazing progress...Congrats to her.....

  4. BRAVO!

    How wonderful. What a great achievement - I do so hope she is proud of herself.


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