Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Some things to provide comfort,when home feeling less than well

Some new crochet on the hook. An easy pattern that does not tax my poor achy head. I am not sure if I love it yet. How many rows will it take before I decide?

Some porridge, warming and nourishing (extra comfort points for being MILO porridge) 

  Some time wasted playing Angry Birds Seasons. Why must I have an addictive personality? Was it not enough to get hooked on Rio as well as the original?
Some  retail therapy. I have redeemed some of my frequent flyer points for this little beauty. It appears the cheap ones don't last very long!
Some work to be done. I have to deliever a Presentation tonight on The Early Years Frameworks to about 40 colleagues. So I need to be all rested up  with plenty of voice to do this important subject justice!
    Some of this may just be in order. Clearly I don't have the self discipline of some     


  1. Hope your head is feeling better? I've just started studying for my diploma in children's services this year and we've just started to learn about planning within the new Early Years Learning Framework which I'm finding very interesting :) Barb.

  2. Hope you got to feeling better before your presentation. Crochet is a wonderful way to spend your time. And oatmeal is a favorite for me, even for dinner, topped with blueberries and walnuts or dried cranberries and pecans. Yum! Have a great day. Tammy


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