Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Being Positive

At the moment I am involved in a Positivity Project with a Cluster of 13 Kindergartens. (One of those middle of the night a-ha moments)  I am astounded by how much negativity there is in early childhood, especially in this time of rapid change, growth and reform. We need to stop and think, reflect and be grateful for the opportunities we have. Realise the vital role we play in the lives of countless children and their families. Be happy about that and proud. Share the good times and see ourselves as professionals doing an important, meaningful job. Negativity decreases one's capacity to move forward. It narrows our perspectives and shadows the decisions we make. It doesn't take much to notice when something good happens, and not much else to acknowledge it. 


  1. I always find it interesting how grown-up people relate to small ones. There is so little listening and drawing children. Far too little saying yes to children. Yes to questioning, yes to experiencing, yes to challenging themselves.

    The way Early Years Reform in the UK has been conducted has been filled with over-officiouness and far too much concern on box-ticking and target-achieving by the professionals. In just the last six months the government have downsized the list of assessment points from six hundred and fifty twelve to eight. Be prepared for many twists and turns while the system shakes sense into itself.

  2. Oops! I meant to say 'drawing children out;.

  3. This is very interesting Laurel. Something that catches my attention (and yes I fall into this at times but try not to) is how negative and i mean hostile parents can be when a child does something wrong or incorrect. I have had much great success in teaching a lesson when my discipline is measured - by that i mean firm, sombre but also an element of understanding that reassures my kid to be ok with making a mistake in judgement but accepting there are consequences.

    I sometimes wonder if we silently impose an expectation on other parents to go to harshly with their child? You know, the kinder kid that does something right under the parent's nose - the owner of said is mortified and the situation is worsened by the onlookers with their neutral facial expressions that barely cloud the true expression that is totally scathing- embarrassment then said owner over reacts and later reflects with guilt for caving to peer pressure.....been there, seen it with others.

    But we also have to remember that there are some grouches out there that don't have or like kids and we need them in the world too so we can get a balance! How could we practice compassion LOL!

    Please post more on this L, i am sure we can all benefit from your knowledge at both parent and early education professional! So encore!

  4. I love the sound of this Laurel. When my middle guy was at kinder, I shouldn't say it, but his teacher was just past it, always a bit negative, intimidating parents, I could never understand it. Mind you my boy didn't mind her so much. but this time round the little guy has a new teacher at the same kinder & she is such a breath of fresh air. A positive attitude & approach to things is all it takes, quite simple really. Good luck with your project, it's a brilliant initiative..x

  5. Oh yes. My son LOVES kindy. We're all about rhyming words here at our house... and now he is even dabbling in alliteration. He just loves playing with words. Fantastic to witness... such excitement when he hears rhyming words in every day life. His eyes light up brighter than the sun. Awesome. Yay to positive kindy experiences.


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