Monday, July 25, 2011

Strictly for the birds

Welcome to post number 801, a milestone worth celebrating. These mixed seed biscuits I baked on the weekend however are certainly not! (worth celebrating that is)

Thanks so much to everyone that welcomed me back to blogging - I am really glad to be back. I am slowly making my way around all my favourite places to see what everyone is up to. I have some goals for my blog in the near future, including a tutorial and a give-away. I have learned about the value of having goals through my work with my career coach, Sam and am endeavouring to work more efficiently and purposefully in all aspects of my life.


  1. I look forward to seeing your plans come to fruition.
    The bikkies look delicious. I wonder what was wrong with them?

  2. Good for you Laurel, it's really nice to have you back. It's funny how you can have so much to say but it sometimes doesn't feel right when you go to blog about it. Then suddenly it all clicks & feels just right..hope you are doing well xx

  3. Great to see you back in Blog land, sometimes it's good to have a break. I like your thoughts about having goals, I think I need to set a few too. Hope you have a great week xo

  4. Yes, I echo the above, so glad to have Miss Muggins back...and we love sharing each others goals!
    Can't wait for the tutorial

  5. it's so lovely to have you back! i'm really glad you found the words to re-start.

    i've been away too - and am making my way around to all my favs as well - you included! i've also been thinking a bit about my blogging while we've been away and am thinking about goals for my blog too, making a few changes too about what i blog about and stuff. i'd love to keep in touch with you about the changes you are making...


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