Thursday, May 26, 2011


Mr M came home from hospital yesterday. He was glad to farewell the noise, the heat and the uncomfortableness! He is doing well, a bit sore, a lot tired. He is on a restricted diet for quite some time. The first stage consists of foods with a sloppy consistency. Sounds delicious, I know! Custard, strained porridge, jelly, yoghurt, soup, pureed fruits, vegetables and meat are all on the menu. It is fair to say that the stick blender has been getting a work out! We have even had to change sides of the bed which is taking some getting used to. But I am so glad to have him home.


  1. Good news, it must be nice to have him home again, I do hope his recovery goes well. Sounds like he's in the best of hands! Thank goodness for stick blenders, & thank goodness it's good soup weather..xx

  2. Welcome home Mr. M. Hope you're back to health really soon.

  3. Welcome home Mr M, you are now in the best hands!

  4. So glad he is home and now in your wonderful care Laurel. I'm sure he couldn't have a better nurse xo

  5. Welcome home Mr M, speedy recovery You will be well cared for no doubt.

  6. Welcome home Mr. M. I do hope his recovery goes well.

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