Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little Things....

A handy little house for a house-warming party

a cheery little apron to remind of simpler times
some colourful little ramekins, like ones from my childhood atop a "new" not so little table bought by Mr M (all by himself)

a little thing called a heart, which is not quite doing as it should


  1. Loving the ramekins! Do you like your new not so new table? We have one like that with the white wood-look laminex, and I can't say I'm a fan. Would have much preferred that nice mottled red top, but beggars & all that... been thinking of painting it maybe...

    I digress...

    Hope that last bit about a mischievous heart isn't too serious?

  2. Sweet post Laurel, loving your thrifty finds and ditto about the Dicky heart hope it's not all bad.
    Smiles for you

  3. Gorgeous apron, hope the heart is growing stronger with such a gift, from the heart.

  4. love love love those ramekins!! I haven't seen one of those little houses for yonks! Great to see you ressurected it!


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