Friday, February 18, 2011

The addition of a new Teen

Today the Ballerina turned 13. Tonight we celebrated with dinner out, yummy cake, lots of lollies and creaming soda spiders and are now in the throes of 4 girls sleeping over!
How quickly time has passed, seeing the change from chubby little cherub into beautiful young lady.


  1. how lovely! big happy birthday to her and hope the sleep-over was calm...

  2. happy teen birthday for friday to the ballerina : ) hope the sleepover went well. i love that they were having creaming soda spiders!!! i didnt know that was still done - clearly it has been too long since my last - probably when i was 13. yummo ; )

  3. I can't get over how super-late I am for the ballerina's birthday - oops - but wow! 13! It's the beginning of the teens Laurel - hang on to your hat ;)
    She's gorgeous, and her girlfriends too.


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