Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear neglected blog

Please know that I am thinking of you and looking forward to a time when we can be reunited, in the way we intended from the beginning ( Daily, with interesting posts and creativity abounding)
In the meantime, enjoy these roses from my garden, and this thrifted table mat to remind you of the adventures we have shared, the tales we have told, the pictures we have loved.

Always remember that I care deeply for you, (but perhaps not quite as much as crochet....just at the moment) You are quite a lot of work to maintain in the way you deserve. I just don't seem to have too much to say for now, but I love the promise of our future together. I shall visit from time to time, as I can not give you up, your hold on me is too deep.

Love always, your author and friend,
Laurel xxxx

Mary go round flower ring pattern from Lola Nova


  1. It does take hold doesn't it! I've been too busy to go visiting much of late & now we are having terrible computer issues, so it may be a little while between posts for me too...
    ps. your special parcel is on it's way x

  2. Gads Miss M,

    I think this might be a bit of a bug moving through Bloglandia!! I know I have also found myself not posting with any consistancy. I noticed I'm having a hard time finding the time it takes to do a huge posting with tons of pictures. Then there's the whole issue of posting something interesting and not just filling space. I too have been considering doing things a bit different, maybe I'm just getting a bit bored and need a change up.

    I do promise I will be better at getting out and visiting my lit'l sisters blogs!!
    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  3. a great little letter to your blog.

    you even gave flowers, I'm sure all will be forgiven!


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