Sunday, September 5, 2010

Teen Update


Thankyou to everyone for your lovely comments relating to my daughter and her Glandular fever. My replies have been a bit hit and miss, but I want you all to know I appreciate and am heartened by each and every comment xxx

We have just returned from the doctor and he has reported great improvement. It even looks likely that she will be able to go on her Central Australia trip, in 12 days, if she continues to rest.


  1. Good luck with her resting, Uluru is pretty fantastic!! Especially this time of year, beautiful weather & glorious colours. Might be a good mental fix if the body isn't quite there yet. Best wishes, love Posie

  2. Laurel, I have a half written email to you in my inbox. I think its been here for a few weeks already. In the meantime I'm sending you lots of love and nursing strength. X

  3. Great News Laurel. Lets hope he is right.
    big love to you and that gorgeous girl xo

  4. ooh, that is good news. here's hoping she is well enough to go!


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