Monday, April 5, 2010

If the shoe fits...

The teen has a part time job at a shoe shop. Many of the shoes in her shop have sky high heels, buckles, straps and studs. Most look ridiculous on my feet. Quite a different story for the teen however, who looks amazing in just about anything!
Well anyway, when I took her to work last week I popped into the shop to spy have a browse when I spotted some shoes that actually took my fancy.
They were leather and oh so comfy and just perfect for work, where comfort and good support are essential. They were on sale at $50. I asked the teen if she could apply her staff discount. "What?" she asks. "Do you want everyone to think that I would buy THOSE shoes?"
So anyway, reluctantly she puts them under the counter, with a sticker claiming For A's Mum. She instructed that I must wait for her manager to be in for me to buy them and get the discount.

So I patiently wait, then on Saturday, in I go. The manager is so pleasant and willing. She asks the teen for her staff number to apply the discount, without any dramas at all. So off I go, happy with my shoes, with a saving of 30%. I think I shall wear them everywhere, and I think I may even need to buy another pair, in a different colour. What do you think?


  1. I would definitely head back for another colour at a 30% discount! It's all about comfort when you get to a certain age...hee hee

  2. Love them.I'd certainly be going back for another pair in a diferent colour if I were you and with 30% savings what a bargain :) Barb.

  3. If they are comfortable and you love them, then definitely go back and get another pair in a different colour. Sounds like you've got a bargain.

  4. I think they'd look great in they come in that colour??

  5. comfort is everything!
    I'd be back for another colour aswell..I mean, it's 30 % off!!

  6. Yes! Definitely go buy another colour! They look very comfy AND cool!

  7. they look comfy! I'd get them in another colour too!

  8. I'd love these in red!
    If they come in red I'd love to know the shoe shop as I may really need some!!!
    Just letting you know you have won a Re*Sew*Cool kit on the Find,Make,Do blog.Can you send me your mailing address so we can post it out to you

  9. they really are great! and i agree with betty jo - i would definitely go them in red (although personally i am possibly already own enough red shoes). well done you...

  10. Oh my kind of shoes, how fabulous! I agree with Curly Pops, go back and buy another color!


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