Friday, December 4, 2009

Wardrobe malfunction

I am not talking about a sneakypeek of boob or a cheeky flash of undies. I am talking about my dysfunctional wardrobe producing nothing for me to wear. Nothing that is up to the minute, flattering and fits like it was made for me that is. It is full of misfits, bad choices and items that have clearly shrunk (they did fit this time last year!) I am off to a party and I have NOTHING to wear! You know the feeling right?


  1. Sure do know that feeling !
    So , I googled for a free skirt pattern...found a cute skirt to make over at angrychicken. It uses fold over elastic for the waist. Super easy to make , cost me $8 for fabric on the discount table plus 86cents for the elastic.
    got to laugh...never had so many compliments on what I was wearing !

  2. You know, I think it happens to us all at the beginning of a new season. It seems there is absolutely NOTHING in the wardrobe & I know I wasn't getting around naked last year, so what the heck was I wearing?! Shout yourself something new...

  3. Yeah, I have the same problem with clothes shrinking. There's NOTHING in the shops when I am out looking either, are they hiding them?

  4. Oh yeah ! I have a wedding to go to and someone shrunk all my clothes !!

  5. Oh yes - I know the feeling and its no good dodging the puds and cakes for the next week cos nothing works that quickly.

  6. I am SOOO over the whole "I have nothing to wear" dramas. Bored with it. Bored with the associated feelings too. Maybe we should start a nudist revolution. Hmmmmm, I'll keep thinking of Plan B!

  7. Yes I know the feeling too. I have had so many "events" of late, weddings and black tie dinners... where my usual casual look just won't cut it.

    Hope you found something to wear!


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