Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Place and Yours - 5 minutes Peace

chai in pretty new birthday cup,
comfy chair, with handmade goodness,
Thaw magazine,
Christmas collections to enjoy,

My Place and Yours, courtesy of Mike's, 5 miunutes peace brought to you by Pilgrim

where do you retreat to for that sanity-regaining break? I am interested in what or where in your home your sanctuary is...


  1. What a peaceful place to sit and contemplate. I love all the light flooding in the window.

  2. Cosy. Love that quilt, have quilt envy, definitely going to make a quilt in 2010......Well, at least start to make a quilt...Well, definitely give it some thought......

  3. a comfy chair, a cosy quilt and a darling little stool to place your cuppa on..PERFECT!

  4. Love your quiet spot. Think I'd turn the chair around to the view though.

  5. I love your space Miss Muggins. The chair, the quilt and cushion, the mag, knitting and favourite cup...I reckon Goldilocks would say that space is 'just right'.

  6. My goodness. What a lovely tidy retreat. It does look peaceful.

  7. oooh chai and a comfy chair! good choice :)

    thanks for playing along with my theme this week!

  8. looks like a lovely peaceful chai sipping, knitty spot!

  9. Gorgeous post and you have the choice of with or without the view, looks peacefully perfect ;)

  10. Just LOOK at your Christmas collection...! Cute! I especailly love those fat jolly round Santas!

    What a gorgeous, relaxing space....

  11. What a comfy chair that looks Laurel. Looks like a good view from the window though. :)


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