Thursday, November 19, 2009


Lulu Sky
The ballerina (formely known as Miss C) has named the knitted babe, at last! She came up with the first name, but the other name was first suggested by Meagan of ecomilf. She came up with Lucinda Sky, which is pretty close! Anywho, a little prize will be on its way to you Meagan, let me know your details and your fave choccy! Thanks to everyone who contributed. Trust me when I say, every name was duly considered!
A hot day calls for a new mini dress of course!


  1. I love her she is beautiful x and great name too x

  2. The name suits!!
    She's gorgous!

  3. Yipppeeeee! How oh so very exciting! I am very glad she like the name and of course it's Lulu not Lucinda- thank goodness someone knows what they're talking about! Very grateful for the little prize- will send you my details now. What a delightful start to my day! Happy weekend. xo Meagan.

  4. Yep. She's definitely a Lulu, though she could be a Lucinda if she's going incognito.

  5. She is awesome. I really love her. And her skinny pins - super cute. x

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