Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blog Headquarters - My Place and Yours

Boring but practical! It has had a serious dust and tidy with all the recent computer dramas. Now the trick is to keep it functional, not a dumping ground!

points of interest - knitting for slow downloads, To Do list (long), collection of dictionaries and a thesaurus (obscured by Miss Muggins doll), tin full of cameras and accessories, fave mug.

Check out other, nicer HQ's here


  1. it sure looks neat & organized & Miss Muggins sure looks cute sitting upon the shelf!

  2. I love the knitting for slow down loads. So much better than my habit of pressing more buttons just to make sure its doing what its meant to be doing.

  3. I think that is extremely constructive use of your time! To knit during loading time is really excellent multi tasking! I think your desk is very neat, Miss! x

  4. Looks nice and neat! Our computer zone is a dumping ground too. It's a great idea to knit when the computer is taking it's time. I should get some crochet happening here.


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