Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Since I have got my "new" computer I have experienced a bit of a lull in my blogging drive . I certainly still have lots to say, but I don't necessarily have the images to go with them. I took this photo in my garden on the weekend to create some new memories, and I love the late afternoon light in the image. This is one of the first photos saved and backed up to my new system!
It got me to thinking about all the wonderful things that happened on the weekend (trying to remain positive) and early this week
  • Mr M and I got to experience Gold Class for the first time. We saw Julie and Julia, which I LOVED. We also enjoyed a dinner at a fab Chinese Restaurant before the movie
  • Miss C performed in her first dance competition. Her troupe came 2nd
  • Miss A and I scored some lovely cream plush carpet for her room, to be fully laid for only $300. We all decided it would be a good opportunity to paint her room and get her a new bed.
  • Mr M attended an info session for a course he plans to do next year. Career changes are on the horizon for both of us
  • I started, and loved my course. I am so ready for a challenge! Thanks to everyone who left me such positive, encouraging comments. I may need some more support when I have to plan and run group presentations!


  1. What a stunning photo. I think the light in it is very beautiful.

    And woohoo about the course. Glad you loved the first day! I absolutely loved working in the T & D field before I had the boys - you'll have an absolute ball! (PS. This is a handy website Some of their publications such "Infolines" can be purchased as eBooks and are really good!)

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend..And yay for excitement towards your course. I hope the transition from old to new will go just perfectly for you and your Mr. :)

  3. Did you like Julie and Julia? trying to talk MrJ into going to see it!
    Well done Miss C!! Woohoo for Miss A getting a new room! Miss D will be jealous!
    and of course good luck to Mr T and you in your new adventures!

  4. Also: did you get the wool I mailed yet? and if so was it the right one?


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