Wednesday, October 14, 2009


well folks, I made the cake with that less than recent use by date. I rang Greens, using the toll free number on the box. They advised me that the mix would not be toxic, but they would not recommend that I waste my eggs! I decided to plough on, after all it was Mr M's birthday and I didn't really have time to take a trip to the shops, or make a "real" cake. Superpops advised that it may not rise as much as it should, and boy was she right! It was dense and rather small. Mud is an apt description! The icing however was divine! Sorry Mr M, I knew it was too rich for you!


  1. It still looks quite delicious. I wonder how many phonecalls Greens get to ask whether you can use cake mix that is 4 years out of date... hilarious!
    PS - it was the thought that counts

  2. Mudcake is my fave.
    I have to agree with CurlyPops, It actually does look quite delicious.
    mmmmm cake!


  3. Looks good enough to eat...:) Yummm
    I need to search my cupboards for some oldies but goodies now lol.

  4. I have tried making a mudcake with "in date "ingredients that did not look half as good as that !

  5. yummm and you should not be showing this to the eyes of this pregnant woman right

  6. Happy Birthday to Mr.M. Hope the cake tasted as good as it looks. Elsie

  7. mmm least there is always icing ;)


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