Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eye-Spy Current and Belated

Time to catch up on Eye Spy! Thanks Cindy for being such a patient and flexible host! Eye Spy: my front door
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The door itself needs a good scub, and the verandah needs a good sweep! Eye Spy: Something I eat, but shouldn't (mmmm, but impossible to refuse. And organic is good for you right?)
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Eye Spy: An Inspirational person (my Nana, no longer with us, but always in my heart)

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  1. Oh wow, you have a veranda. I love verandas. I see all kinds of romantic moments happening on verandas, I picture myself knitting on one in a rocking chair, with little ones crawling at my feet, everything quiet and easy. Ofcourse, if I had a veranda in real life it probably would be a lot crowdier, messier and less romantic, but still. One can dream, don't you think? ;-)

  2. I love the front door eye spy, I may have to join in... Off to see everyone else's Cheers Leah


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