Thursday, October 22, 2009

Computer / My Breakdown

Subtitled: my computer is my life

Shortly after posting about my creative space this morning, my computer hard drive died. I have spent the rest of the day taking him to the computer doc, and the news seems to be bad. I think EVERYTHING is lost. I am working on the old puter, which fortunately accepted the modem and has allowed me to connect to the internet, albeit s....l....o....w....l...y....! I will not get it back till next week..... fingers crossed (and everything else) that my files can be saved. The computer tec is going to have a heart attack IF he gets to see how much I have saved on my hard drive!!!! I should have learned my lesson when my last computer died. This one is barely a year old however.
I couldn't come at coasters, but I did receieve my cottons from the Bendigo Woollen mills in the mail, so I have done some calming knitting to stop me from going crazy!


  1. Oh, this is horrible! I still can remember what I felt when I lost my laptop to the burglary! Hope your files can be saved! Good luck.

  2. ugh terrible.

    Take refuge in your lovely cottons!

  3. Oh no ... happy crafting anyway! Distraction is the best medicine!

  4. Good luck x10! I keep thinking about how I need an external HD. I need to stop thinking and do!

  5. Poor you. My worst nightmare. I'm paranoid about losing my files and put everything I value on a memory stick. Love memory sticks, buy them almost as compulsively as I buy wool.
    I do hope your files can be retrieved. Elsie

  6. Ouch!!It hurts when 'puters do this. Fingers crossed for you Laurel.


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