Sunday, October 11, 2009

Announcing the winner......

I tallied the results and discovered that Motif #20 Begonia Wheel was the most popular. I then put all the names in a tin, and Mr M pulled out the winner:

Melanie who very kindly said:

I reckon you are a clever girl to be able to do any of these squares. My fav is the mosaic tile. It really does look like one.Now you have given me something to post about for tomorrows blogtober fest post so I will give you a plug then. Cheers Laurel for offering such a cool giveaway.

As Melanie is a follower she also wins the extra fabric prize. Drop me a line Melanie so we can make arrangements!

Thanks to everyone that entered, and for your very lovely comments. I am so pleased to have some lovely new followers as well, and love coming to visit all my new friends.
BTW: The second most popular was the Flower Crystal and Fern Leaf combo. I am working on a project with these and will show you soon...


  1. Drats - congratulations Melanie on winning a great giveaway.

  2. I liked all your squares Miss Muggins and couldn't pick a favourite. So glad Melanie won. Elsie

  3. Congratulations to Melanie! I can't complain about not winning, especially not with Super Cohen living with us! :)

  4. beautiful!! Hmm I feel privileged to own some of your finest! :)

  5. Lovely!!! I ran here as soon as I got the news to say Thank you Thank you! What an awesome surprise after a gruelling week. Cheers!


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