Saturday, September 19, 2009

Creativity In The Bedroom

I have just organised a little creative space in my bedroom, on top of a little cabinet to keep my knitting, crochet and writing book (and related paraphenalia). I often knit and crochet in bed and often have to get up during the night to write down words and ideas that are preventing me from sleeping and will be forgotten by morning!
This is what I have been knitting, even though I should be doing other things (that I have already started)

Here is the little patchwork blanket that I made for the baby shower tomorrow. The sex of the baby is not known so i went with brights and lots of polka dots.

p.s sorry to dissapoint you if the title led you to believe the contents would be more exciting / of a different nature!


  1. What a sweet little taggy blankie. That a great gift idea (and of course I love such beautiful bright colours)!

  2. Lucky you showed us that great blanket otherwise I would have been really dissapointed , lol !

  3. All great ideas, the creative space in your bedroom (mine often gets shoved under the bed), the ideas book (I'm too lazy to get up), the little blanky (great colours) and your beautiful knitting.

  4. You got me again with that title Laurel. Should I be worried that you are gettign worse...??? !!!!

    Great idea to set up a space in the bedroom, especially with a note book.

  5. Babies love the feel of the ribbons sticking out of the blanky so its a good choice. Cant beleive you finished it already. Speed knitter AND speed sewer eh?

  6. That is a super sweet blanket. The baby will have hours of tummy time fun on that one.


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