Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Warming Giveaway

To celebrate 369 posts and 47 followers For no real reason at all, I am giving away - one wayward teenager one pair of felted wrist warmers.

Whilst Spring may be in the air in Melbourne especially, the mornings and evenings are still on the chilly side. So if you would like your very own stylish pair as modelled by the lovely Miss C's youthful hands, leave me a comment on this post. (make sure I can contact you) Followers get two entries as do those who spread the word.

The pattern was poached from The Birdbath and given a Miss M twist.
Winner selected Monday 17th August


  1. Soooo love the wrist warmers..would be very useful with the cold days we have been having ! and I would look pretty fancy at the footy on those chilly Saturday mornings .Feel free to keep the teenager though...suffering with my own hormonal 12 yr old !! LOL
    x PJ x

  2. How lovely, they'd be just perfect for my trip to the UK in October. I keep trying to convince my English mother-in-law it'll be colder there in October than it is in Melbourne in winter.

  3. I love your wrist warmers - so cute. I always thought I was a follower, apparenly I was just a subcscirber, you get to see my sunny face now

  4. Oh my goodness. They are so great. I wish I could knit. However, if I won these I guess I wouldn't have to :-)

    Oh and I love a no-real-point giveaway. Best kind.

  5. These are so super cool.
    PICK ME!!!
    Thanks for the opp to win


  6. Oh Miss M these are sooooo perfect!!! It's hotter then you know what right now but come winter when the house drops down to the 50s F my little arthritic hands BEG Beg for mufflers of their very own!! :)

    Ha I am a follower on very few blogs but don't ya know I'm one here :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  7. oh my these are simply gorgeous, I love wrist warmers too and these are sooo pretty and felted too!!

  8. They would be absolutely perfect for when I am working in my sewing room out the back because it can be quite chilly in there. So count me in to your very generous competition.

  9. Wow. These are stunning. I'll throw my hat in the ring, as long as you promise the teenager won't arrive in the mail!

  10. Oooh can I enter too? I love their Rainbow-ness! So lovely!

  11. Pick me,pick me!!

    I could never make these in a million years and my wrists are very angry at me as they always miss out! They are getting excited just thinking about them!

    Pick me, pick me!!


    PS. You can throw in the teenager too if you want, might be good practice for us and help us decide how many more babies we will have...


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