Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Words and Pictures - Souvenirs

This is my most favourite souvenir from my big trip. A native American Indian silver and turquoise ring, purchased from the Grand Canyon. I stopped wearing my wedding and engagement rings a couple of years ago, as my finger rebelled against them. Being in the humidity of Honduras seemed to cure my hands of their issues (dry, itchy skin and puffiness) and I truly felt the need to wear a ring again. The lovely Mr M bought this beauty for me, and it kinda felt like getting engaged all over again. This is a souvenir that I will always treasure.

PS excuse the close up of my hand that is showing my age and my lack of manicures!
Thanks Pip for giving me the opportunity to share.


  1. ooooh it's gorgeous!!

  2. It is a very pretty colour - and sure to remind you of special times.


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