Friday, April 24, 2009

Words and Pictures - Catching Up

This weekend is all about catching up, before we go away.

Miss A is having 4 friends come tonight to do what teen girls do best (sure to involve clothes, makeup, cameras, pizza and lollies)

We are catching up our special friends on Saturday. Dinner out, followed by dessert and coffee at home. And surely several bottles of wine. The singstar is sure to make an appearance.

Sunday is catch up with the family day. Afternoon tea with brothers, sisters, parents (not mine who are still in Queensland) and assorted children. Sure to involve chocolate biscuits, tea and cake.

I think I have just made the link - catching up involves FOOD.


  1. How long are you away for? I hope you post photos! :-)

  2. I'm salivating at the sight of that cake! And yup, my family connects over food too...
    I'm glad you liked my thoughts on clutter. Currently overwelmed by the clutter of laziness in our house! I'm working on the balance...

  3. Have a great weekend , don't eat too much , LOL .

  4. Oh girly fun, love it.
    That cake looks sensational.
    Hope you are well lovely


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