Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Help me choose...

So the family is divided, and I need the wisdom of all my fellow bloggers, which koala shall make the journey to Honduras?

Oh and just found out what vaccinations we need to go to a Third World Country, ouch! The girls are less than thrilled to say the least! Mr M says the cost hurts far more than the needles!


  1. They're both so cute! I think the furry one is my favourite though.

  2. Mmmm I think the furry one too.He's so cute and cuddly looking :) Barb.

  3. I love them both, and am going to turn everything on its head by saying I Love Love Love the felty koala. He is the sweetest.

    Bummer about the needles. I'm not a fan of the jab either!

  4. Yes, I agree with Potty Mouth Mama. I think the felt one gives the idea that Australia is a with-it sort of a place, not kitchy (which doesn't furry is!).
    On the score of needles to the third world I had to have cholera jabs when I was a faint hearted kid. It took 4 nurses to hold me down but it wouldn't have mattered what injection was involved. They told us about a lady wanting to go home to Greece. She took one look at the first needle, climbed the local kapok tree and never did go to Greece.

  5. The decision was instant for me... no ums and arrs... no buts... no maybes... the felt fella won my heart!

  6. For sure the econd guy....he is very OZ

  7. I like the felt one because it really represents a koala to a non-Aussie :) I'm also going to lobby for the felt one as being far far the better material to take to a country who's humidity can be higher then the temp (in F not C)
    :( I can't even begin to tell you how miserable that long fur will be!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx

    PS I'll get your servival list off to you tomorrow I'm sorry it's taken soooooo long.

  8. I love them both but I think I will have to say the felt guy!!! Hope you have a wonderful time away, sorry about the jabs though, that's the pits :(

  9. I would choose the felt guy too...
    but, they're both adorable.

  10. I'm going for the felt guy too. What a cutie! :)


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