Saturday, March 7, 2009

Making a mess, or being constructive?

BOTH! Here is my space of choice to create 4 little mousies (like this)

I enjoyed the little bit of sun shining through the window and watching Chai in the garden (couldn't resist sharing a pic)
whilst I spread bits of stick, felt and cotton everywhere!

I have decided to put some of the mice in My Choccy Crow shop, with a portion of sales being donated to the Bushfire Appeal. So go ahead and get one if you missed out last time!
Top Left:Lawson
Top Right:Frost
Bottom Left: Paterson
Bottom right:Yeats


  1. Holy heck! what happened did a bomb go off in your creative space?? LOL
    Having some quiet time here, J is off to Wittlesea with work for 5 days

  2. So - you made the mess to make the mice feel at home???? LOL
    They look great - good luck with them.

  3. Both! I love the mousies, too! And Chai... awww...

  4. Oh those mice make me smile....what characters!


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