Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A celebration

Today we laid my beautiful nana to rest. It was the loveliest celebration of the life of one very loved and loving lady. My Mum and Aunty had made beautiful rose corsages for all the ladies to wear, and we were given a bag of lollies upon leaving, just like when we were kids and had been to visit. I had a "cuppa tea" to remember her favourite ritual and ate a delicious afternoon tea, something like she would have made. A table held special things that she had made - coathangers, a knitted teddy, a smocked dress, dolls clothes and the white bunny she made me. She made all my cousins a special buuny when we were small. My Uncle and cousin shared special memories that we all hold dear, and I managed to read the poem before breaking down! I feel so blessed that she was my Nana, that she came to my wedding and cuddled my babies and helped to make me who I am. (typed through flowing tears)

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  1. Oh, I am crying now too. How utterly perfect. What a deeply moving and wonderful celebration of life!!!
    Beautiful, beautiful. Thank you for sharing this - even through your tears.


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